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Game: The Force Unleashed  
bla I animated these Tie Fighters for the Stardestroyer battle.
bla When fighting the Apprentice, Proxy transforms into Darth Maul.
bla Darth Maul quadrant blocks/reacts.
bla Additional Darth Maul blocks/reacts.
Game: Jurassic Park  

Cinematics shot - Fail

TRex catches Jess

(I animated the dinosaur)


Cinematics shot - Success

TRex misses Jess

(I animated the dinosaur)

FB Game: Zoo2  
bla Rigged, skinned and animated a bat for Zoo2. All of the animal animations had to work on the adult and the baby.
bla This was a new idea for Zoo2 where animals would move through space in a looping circle instead of staying in one spot. I did the elephants' animation.

Rigged, skinned and animated this baby Bald Eagle.

Game: Shrek3

knight A knight grunt's react.
knight The knight's jump.
tree An evil tree running

Puss shows off by doing three sword attack moves.

puss Pirate strafe right.
puss Pirate on guard (idle loop).
puss Another pirate idle loop.
ginhy Gingy does a victory hand spin.
Games: Shrek 3 and Shrek Super Slam Cinematics:  

4 mb (please wait until file loads)

Shrek Super Slam: I animated Donkey in this cinematic. My colleague Peter Tsacle helped out with the initial blocking.


3 kb (please wait until file loads)

Shrek 3: In this boss battle, Puss cuts the ropes of a gigantic Pinocchio puppet.


Shrek Super Slam

I worked on Shrek Super Slam while at Shaba Games.
Donkey's "victory" animation
Donkey is slammed into the camera lens.
Puss flips onto ledges.
This troll appears in the Shrek 2 game but did not end up in Shrek Super Slam.



Shaba came up with a cool Hip Hop concept for a game called "Skillz". It's too bad that this game never made it to the shelves.
I animated this DJ "Jade" scratching. A colleague did the editing and applied the filter effect.


Wakeboarding Unleashed

"Wakeboarding Unleashed" was the first game I worked on at Shaba. I rigged, skinned and animated a lot of the NPC's. I also did tons of camera moves for this game.
The shark mascot appears in the Sea World level. The player can knock him out of the way.
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Non-Game Animations

Personal projects:  

3.5 mb (please wait until file loads)

Acting exercise and two characters interacting. The dialogue is from "The Big Labowski".


This shot is from my project "Bowzer". It was shown at the Alice Film Festival and the West Coast Student Film Festival in 2004. (Sound)
This lizard character was initially going to be in my thesis project "A Woven Tail".
The scorpion from my project called "A Woven Tail".
A lamp interacting with a ball.
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